Its giving.... THE SLEPT ON EXPERT

We're going to break your roadblocks down, but first... Can I give you your flowers?

Because I don't think you realize the AMAZING things you have done for yourself.

As we both know, entrepreneurship will have you on an up and down rollercoaster, but you are so passionate that you always make sure, you come out on top. You're super organized & have a clear understanding of your business processes and procedures. You just need more people to know you exist, aka better visibility. 

See, Here's The Thing...

You have the skillset and you have a clear understanding of the direction when it comes to your business. You are naturally a believer and you just want to reach more people to help and impact. To you, if you had the people and the traffic, you would know EXACTLY what to do with them but you too have to believe that YES ITS YOU THEY NEED TO WORK WITH! 

 Truth is.. you're slept on by many! This may be because you aren't showing your powers where it matters. Your impact and drive to help others is needed in this world. That combined with your expertise and structure, would change lives forever. BUT it's time that you start to articulate your message and let everyone know, that you're qualified so you can attract your leads. 

I've talked enough. Its time to tap into those roadblocks you came for!

With being a coach for 3 years now, I've learned (from both my clients and personal experience) that there are 3 areas that could serve as roadblocks to your business growth if you dont tackle them early:
(Remember you are the CEO)

Belief System

As a entrepreneur, the way you think can get you the results OR it can keep you stagnant. Your mindset controls your actions so it is important to keep a healthy mindset to push through your journey and see yourself through. 

Time Management

Time management as a entrepreneur is vital. How you spend your time determine the results you get. Time matters because if systematized correctly, you will be able to live that CEO lifestyle you're dreaming of.

Your Numbers

To grow your numbers you have to understand your numbers and you have to understand your value to know that you are worth certain numbers. 

Main Roadblock: You not seeing your power and because you dont see it, its hard for other people to see it. It is time that you start to move in your purpose and truly believe that you are qualified. 

Belief System

Your ability 
You have a hard time believing that YES they want to work with you! Because of this you lowball yourself a lot and you're hard on yourself but just know you are killing it. Write down what you have achieved within the last 2 years in your business. This should help you open your mind.

Time Management

You need a team that helps you execute without overwhelm
You actually understand your processes and most of your business direction but you need more hands. You cannot continue to wear all the hats. You know exactly what you need to get to the next level, its just that you feel since traffic is slow, that its not the time for that. However having a team can help you show up more with confidence. 

Your Numbers

Your traffic source & your list. 

Get more intentional on where you want to attract your traffic from. Show your super powers on those channels. Then, start to build your lists more so you can make more money behind the scenes. Think of a lead magnet that you can use to build your lists & nurture your lists with ALL THAT KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE! 

As The Slept On Expert, you have to believe that you are qualified. Once you believe that, you will be able to move in ways to where others start to KNOW that you are qualified to serve them. It's all in your head. There's literally nothing that can hold back your level of knowledge other than YOU! 

It's time to kick imposter syndromes butt! You ready? 

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