Experiencing a inconsistency in client attraction and not sure why? 

Your marketing message is what tells your ideal customer "I can help you", but it has to be delivered correctly for them to react. 

There are so many things that goes into reaching the masses with your expertise. So many that you could be missing some. 

Marketing is reaching as many people you can, in your target market and persuading them that you can solve their problem.
I will audit the following: 
Your current flow of marketing
Your ideal customer
Your marketing message 
Your consistency on your marketing channels
Your current marketing strategy 

Investment: $197


Wondering why you're overwhelmed in your business? 

As a CEO, your main job is to be the creative, the visionary. However, if you aren't able to relax and enjoy your role as a CEO, it is simply because you are still working too many hours in your business.

Autopilot and success go together real bad! You are not supposed to be drowning in admin tasks. You're supposed to be on the front end, attracting your clients and showing your expertise.

Its not supposed to feel like a hard decision between your front end and back end. Your systems and automations should be working for you and getting your client to you with an invoice already complete! 

I will audit the following: 
Your lead magnet
Your lead generation strategy
Look at your segments & sequences
Your onboarding/off-boarding process
Your current tech systems
Automation and delegation percentage

Investment: $197