The truth is, marketing takes a lot of strategy & streamlining to drive consistent sales. Another truth is you deserve a thriving business and marketing shouldn't be holding you back . A lie is, that you have to figure it out by yourself. When VIP was curated, the goal was to remove the hard part of gaining clarity in your business and/or you launching and increasing your revenue. The hard part is usually the marketing, the strategy and possible automations to carry it all out. Visualize how much freedom a done for you service would create for you to just implement and execute.



If you have, consider your problem solved.

For the longest, you have been trying to do everything on your own, throwing the noodle, seeing if it would stick but honestly, have that really been fufilling? When you could remove the guesswork and replace it with strategy + done for you work from our team? It doesn't matter if you need a deep dive into your brand and an intense breakdown of your next 90 day direction, proper automations added to your business, OR if you need to launch a campaign, a new offer or a digital product, consider it done!

For our VIP Experiences, we focus on 2 areas:
Strategy & launching. 

Clarity & proven marketing direction are the best things you can have in your business

We can doctor up your current offer positioning and messaging if sales are slow, build a profitable signature marketing strategy or even LAUNCH your new offer.

In the past, you've experienced things like

  • Not really knowing your marketing position to develop a consistent flow for your marketing monthly. 
  • Not having a succcesssful launches.
  • Having an offer but not really knowing how to package it and market it. 

These can all come to an end with PROVEN frameworks that our VIP Experiences takes you through: 

Which experience sounds like what YOU need?

VIP DAY IS FOR YOU IF: (One should apply)

  •  You're in the service industry and you dont have a routine marketing system to follow for the next 90 days. (Need strategy)
  • You're ready to map out and launch a new/existing offer.
  • You want to improve your content strategy to start making money from content and ready to dominate a "saturated market". 
  • You want to successfully launch your high ticket program.
  • You want to launch a creative campaign in the next 45 days.


First Class


Put your brand in the first class seat with a innovative and memorable marketing/brand strategy for your audience to notice you and actually convert. You will have maximum brand clarity to make showing up on social & communicating your message, easier.

Our first class VIP Package was designed to strengthen your brand identity & implememnt effective marketing for the next 90 days. (Remember strategy is the A-Z of how you will get something done). You will get a personalized marketing or brand strategy guide for the next 90 days after this VIP Day. (Offered both virtually and in person) 

The First Class package can be used for: 

  • Building a detailed brand strategy to develop a strong brand identity online combined with brand clarity. 
  • Mapping out your brands signature marketing strategy + having a detailed plan for the next 90 days.
  • Mapping out the strategy to a new idea you have so that you have the steps to how to bring it to life and execute. 
  • Organizing your service suite and your brand offerings to implement premium services = premium money! 

Whats Included/ Deliverables: 

  • 4 Hour VIP Strategy Session (Recorded)
  • Service and/or product suite and prices audited.
  • Personalized marketing/brand strategy guide (Includes your target audience breakdown, your marketing plan for the next 90 days, content strategy map out, personalized launch plan (if needed), creative direction for your marketing plan and marketing message revised.

    Investment: $2500

Red Carpet


 LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION.Lets take your content to the next level to attract your long term customers. Put the actual creation of the content in our hands. This is how you're going filter your people to your website and your back office as a result of providing value to your audience through your content and posting what they need to see to become a customer. Imagine having a full month of content waiting for you and all you have to do is hit "Post" and then the money follows. This package should be the start to your signature content strategy. 

1.5 Week Turnaround
The Red Carpet package can be used to: 

Whats Included/ Deliverables: 

  • In-Person creative content day directed and shot by monae.
  • 25 Edited Pieces of Content Returned to you (Graphics Included)
  • Brand Graphics 
  • A personalized content guide on how to use your new content and the strategy to keep up the momentum. 
  • Captions to go with your content.
  • Change up your content strategy in a way to where it stops ONLY attracting viewers but actually attract buyers.
  • Take away the job of having to brainstorm your content strategy to having to pull it all together. 
  • Create a more refreshed content style and directly target who is actually going to buy from you or book you from the messaging included in the content.

BTS Experience


Our systems and automations package is designed to help you strengthen your back end, making it seamless, so that when you get the traffic, your leads are entering into a funnel that will increase the chances of them becoming your customer. The money is really inside of the follow up and the relationship you build on the back end. (The secret they dont tell you!)
Turnaround: 1.5 Week (10 Business Days)
BTS Experience VIP can be used to: 

  • Recieve the copy + set up your email flows + segments 
  • Create a funnel that will help you attract more leads
  • Get the full systems set up for a course, or digital product
  • Automate more of your business 
  • Get your processes streamlined and audited. 

Whats Included/ Deliverables: 

  • Processes & SOPs streamlined
  • 12 Emails strategized + plugged in 
  • Lead magnet (Free ebook or quiz) and design to attract leads (add on)
  • Email header + footer design 
  • 4 segments set up for you
  • SMS Marketing set up
  • Mini funnel buildout 
  • Sales funnel map out
  • Systems strategy VIP Session
  • Sales page or landing page design

    Investment: $3500

White Glove


Let the next move be your BEST move. This is our top tier DFY service where you tell us the vision, we strategize together and then my team brings the vision to a reality. Our white glove package is similar to getting a business a box.

Turnaround: Varies
White Glove Service VIP can be used to: 

  • You want to launch a 4 figure offer that you can have a 5-figure launch with. 
  • Create a digital product and you want to launch it successfully with all components and systems. 
  • Properly Transition into becoming a online educator/service pro and you need your back office and some of the front office, fully set up for you + learning the strategy for the new pivot. 
  • Launch new offer with full launch plan and materials to make profit.

Whats Included/ Deliverables: 

  • 4 Hour Zoom VIP Strategy Day + Coaching to roll out your launch. (4 Calls total with this package)
  • 10 Graphics 
  • FULL Website/Sales Page Design
  • Lead magnet page + Lead magnet designed (Ebook)
  • Personalized Email Funnel (12 emails & segments created)
  • DFY Email Templates to plug in
  • Rebrand (As an add-on)
  • Personalized marketing strategy guide with 90 day marketing plan to launch successfully.
  • Offer + Messaging refinement & Offer Ladder Map Out
  • Launch Email Designs
  • Free webinar construction & templates (Live event to make profit and upsell during launch) / Lead magnet created and designed/Quiz Built
  • 2-4 Step Sales funnel to seamlessly sell. 

    Investment: $7500

We've had the PLEASURE of servicing service professionals in the following industries: 
Business credit | Therapists | AIRBNB Coach | Body Conturing Coach | Beauty Educators