Its giving.... Overwhelmed Expert!

We're going to break your roadblocks down, but first... Can I give you your flowers?

Because I don't think you realize the AMAZING things you have done for yourself.

As we both know, entrepreneurship will have you on an up and down rollercoaster, but you are so passionate that you always make sure, you come out on top. You're a "whatever it takes" type of CEO. And one thing I know if that you want to be able to comfortably run a full operation without feeling so overworked. It was fun at the beginning, being "booked and busy" but now, all you want is to be booked, hold the busy... 

See, Here's The Thing...

You have the volume of people but you want the work to be less stressful. Unlike most, you actually are clear on who you're wanting to help and what you want to help them with. You love what you do and you love helping others and constructing your offers and services is not your problem. You just need better structure & systems. With the lack of systems, it's starting to make you be inconsistent & question yourself & THATS where I want to stop you. Because remember, YOU are the expert. You just need some refinement and structure to get back in your ZONE.

Truth is.. You are in your hustle girl era & the amount of expert you actually hold cannot reach it's fullest potential because you try to take on more than you can chew which leads to overwhelm. You have to pullback so you can scale & actually plug in the structure and strategy to get through the roadblocks.

I've talked enough. Its time to tap into those roadblocks you came for!

With being a coach for 3 years now, I've learned (from both my clients and personal experience) that there are 3 areas that could serve as roadblocks to your business growth if you dont tackle them early:
(Remember you are the CEO)

Belief System

As a entrepreneur, the way you think can get you the results OR it can keep you stagnant. Your mindset controls your actions so it is important to keep a healthy mindset to push through your journey and see yourself through. 

Time Management

Time management as a entrepreneur is vital. How you spend your time determine the results you get. Time matters because if systematized correctly, you will be able to live that CEO lifestyle you're dreaming of.

Your Numbers

To grow your numbers you have to understand your numbers and you have to understand your value to know that you are worth certain numbers. 

Your Main Roadblock: Your resistance to slow down and incorporate proper systems and structure to scale to the next level, comfortably. If you don't incorporate the necessary change, then you'll continue to be burnt out and eventually, throw the towel in. So instead of only focusing on doing your business work. Do some ground work to strengthen your foundation and backend to make it easier on you and seamless for your clients. 

Belief System

You don't like change.
You mentally cannot get to the point of being okay that even though, you've gotten this far, there are still some things that need to be adjusted for the next level.

Here's what you should do: 
First give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing BIG THINGS! This will help you be receptive to needing more equipment and tools for the next level because you remembered what all you did to get to where you are now. 

Time Management

You dont have SOPs or Systems
Here's what to do. Look at your business and write down what you spend time doing that doesn't involve your skillset and write down if it can be automated to delegated.

Then for about 3 days of work, screen record your screen and go through whats needed to be done daily. This will start the process of understanding what needs to be automated and what needs to be delegated. 

Your Numbers

You know you are attracting but you aren't clear of who's coming from where and where you're losing leads.

Here's what to do. Write down all of your traffic sources. Audit your free lead magnets. And write down who is converting from where. You can also put a question on intake forms asking "How did you find me?" Create a spread sheet to track the clients that do convert and get the feedback from them on what helped them convert. 

As The Overwhelmed Expert, you need proper systems & procedures to be put in place so that you can operate in your lane of genius. You will not be able to scale pass the point that you are at currently without getting things more systematized. 

It's time to bring life back into your business with structure. You ready? 

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